Palliative care focuses on providing relieve from symptoms such as stress, pain, and any other conditions which can be improved. It is not a cure, palliative care improves the quality of life. Palliative care is provided by doctors, nurses, and specialists who work together to accomplish their goal. Palliative care treats people who suffer from terminal illness such as COPD, kidney failure, cancer, Alzheimers, Parkinsons, heart failure any many more.

There is a difference between hospice and palliative care. Palliative care focuses more on improving life and providing comfort. While palliative care can be administered at home it can also be given at a hospital, assisted living facility, or nursing home.

Palliative care helps improved the quality of life

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The goal of palliative care is to help your loved one feel better. It treats and prevents symptoms and side effects they may have such as pain. Palliative care also treats emotional, psychological, social and spiritual problems. Its goal is for your loved one to feel better in these areas. If you have any questions regarding palliative care you can call us at: (818) 661-2588.