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In the event that a person suffering from a terminal illness is undergoing medication and treatments that are not taking effect, and if the condition deteriorates, the patient may transition into hospice care. Being in hospice care means the doctor has now determined that the patient has at least six months left in their life.


With the help of hospice care, people can manage their symptoms pain and improve the quality of their lives. Shortness of breath, sleep deprivation, pain, depression, and anxiety are some of the possible symptoms one may experience. Hospice teams manage this situation through both medication and therapy. The nurse usually visits at two to three times per week to administer medication for the treatment of pain and symptoms. There is always a registered nurse on call 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, in case of an emergency. If there is an issue that needs to be resolved, the family may call the nurse, and the nurse will give them instructions on what they need to do. In the case that the matter cannot be resolved over the phone, then the nurse will have to go and see the patient in order to resolve the issue.


It is a network comprised of many social workers, chaplains, doctors, nurses, home health assistants, counselors, and volunteers who all work as a team to offer the best care possible. In order to make sure the physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual needs of the patient are met, the team performs periodic visits. The hospice system offers a great deal of assistance to the whole family, not just the patient. Using a counselor can help you cope with your grief and any emotional reactions you may be experiencing. Also, hospice provides medication, equipment, and supplies that can benefit patients.


A person’s life expectancy does not increase or decrease as a result of hospice care. In hospice care, symptom management, pain management and comfort nursing are emphasized, but not the disease itself. Treatments and prescription drugs of any kind that may be intended to cure your illness are not covered by hospice care. An important goal of hospice care is to help reduce the burden of symptoms and pain caused by the condition rather than to treat it directly.


In hospice care, patients are treated wherever they choose to reside. The home may be your own private residence, a loved one’s house, an assisted living facility or an on-site skilled nursing facility. Many people prefer outpatient hospice, which is also known as hospice at home. Choosing this option is a good choice because they are able to stay in their own home, close to their loved ones, and get to remain comfortable.


Hospice care is covered as long as the patient has Medicare and/or Medical insurance. Hospice includes visits from the medical staff, medical equipment, medical supplies, and medication that is prescribed to you. Neither you nor any member of your family is required to pay any money out of pocket for the service. We welcome the opportunity to answer any additional questions regarding hospice care by calling the office at (747) 755-5181.


About Hospice Valley


Knowing that a loved one is near the end of the road is never easy; it’s a difficult time for everyone: the patient, their family, their friends, their coworkers,  and neighbors. We are not here to fight the illness; we cannot help there. We can, however, lessen the impact of symptoms and help manage the pain so that their final days go by with no pain and no symptoms.


Hospice Valley’s core mission is to offer a way for the terminally ill to live out their last days without worry, so that they can spend their final days at peace and surrounded by the people they love. It’s a humble goal, one that we truly believe in and one we will work tirelessly for.


Through the use of both medicine and therapy, we are able to provide a wide variety of services to help ease the pain that comes along with most terminal illnesses. Our hospice care facilities are fully equipped and capable of caring for those even with the most sensitive health conditions. At times, patients prefer staying within the comfort of their own homes. We understand that completely, which is why we also offer hospice care to patients where they feel the safest.


Our staff is truly passionate about giving their all to each and every patient. They are fully trained to handle any situations or problems that may occur, whether they be physical, emotional, or spiritual. Their compassion and skill make them fully equipped to help consult you and take off some of the burden off your shoulders. All staff members also go through frequent evaluations to ensure that they meet Hospice Valley’s standards.


Should you decide that Hospice Valley of Los Angeles is the choice for you, we are awaiting with a warm smile and the willingness to provide the best care available.



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