11 Signs It May Be Time For Hospice

11 Signs It May Be Time For Hospice

Last Updated on June 19, 2024 by Frank Davis

When someone suffers from a terminal illness, they experience significant pain and symptoms. Knowing what to expect and how to recognize certain signs can help them receive effective treatment or assistance.

According to a study, hospice patients report high satisfaction levels with hospice care services. Families who were less satisfied believed that they received hospice care too late. Starting hospice services after you need them can result in more suffering and pain for the patient and the family.

How can we prevent patients from receiving hospice care too late? What can you suggest? Is it possible to suggest hospice care when physical, mental, or behavioral signs begin to emerge? By knowing the signs and symptoms, we can help advocate for the patient.

Being faced with a loved one’s pain and symptoms can be difficult, but by recognizing the signs of hospice, you can avoid the unnecessary discomforts and pains that hospice agencies manage.

Here are 11 signs you should consider hospice:

  1. No improvement in condition appears to have happened, despite treatment.
  2. Frequently visiting the hospital.
  3. It’s hard for them to take care of their daily needs.
  4. A loss of weight and a reduced consumption of food.
  5. Their sleeping patterns are more frequent.
  6. Social behavior begins to change and becomes less social.
  7. A labored breathing pattern may be observed.
  8. Infections that occur frequently.
  9. Symptoms such as uncontrolled pain, nausea, or vomiting.
  10. Having a loss of mental abilities
  11. An increase in the amount of falls


Several hospice agencies offer pain management and relieve discomforts. Everyone deserves top-notch care and relief from discomforts. If you know someone who is not doing well or displays some of these 11 warning signs, suggest they seek hospice care.

One study suggests that hospice patients need to spend at least 90 days in hospice care to realize the optimal benefits. Another study found that 53.8 percent of patients received 30 days or less of care in hospice. This means that over half of patients are referred to hospice care too late to benefit from it.

There is no risk to suggest hospice care to someone. Hospice Valley of Los Angeles provides complimentary home evaluations. Feel free to contact us at (747) 755-5181.

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