How Quickly Can Hospice Be Set Up

How Quickly Can Hospice Be Set Up

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Every day, more and more people are choosing to have a hospice assist them at the end of life. There are many benefits to this decision that include reducing pain, being able to die with dignity, and not having large expenses. The path in which a patient will ultimately choose to go for their care in no way means that they will die in hospice or otherwise quickly. In fact, many people choose this option because they do not want an uncomfortable hospital stay or difficult living situation. Regardless of someone’s choice though there is still a need for quick set-up times for hospice centers if the individual wishes it too be done sooner rather than later.

The need for a hospice services to be set up quickly arises from the individual’s condition and the desire for a particular type of care at the end of life. When an individual is in their final stages of life, they typically want to spend as much time as possible with those who are most important to them as well as staying as comfortable as possible during this stressful time. In order for this to happen quickly, hospice needs be set up quickly. Setting up hospice is not all that difficult and typically takes less than two days, sometimes if it is urgent it can be set up the same day.

Setting up hospice care is a three step process

  1. Coordinating with Physicians, Hospice & Palliative Care Physicians and other specialties that can be involved in the end of life. In order for this to happen the patient should talk to their doctors about their wishes and desires during this time. This will help set up a plan for care, which may include all the care they want from hospice as well as palliative or home care support. This way a patient can make sure they have what they want before the end starts happening.
  2. Getting the appropriate paperwork that is needed for the care to be provided. This includes Medicare certification for hospice care, which Medicare will need to see from the doctor before starting hospice. After verifying for this type of care it is important to get all of the necessary paperwork filled out, signed and dated by the physician or patient’s family so that hospice can start helping as soon as possible.
  3. Setting up time with an organization who can help provide hospice services. This can be done by contacting local organizations in the area which will be able to assist with setting up an assessment within a few days depending on your schedule. This will help determine how much care the patient needs and the level of care they prefer.

What to expect with hospice care

Once the hospice services have been set up, the patient and family can expect to receive care as quickly as possible. There will be a medical director that will help coordinate the care provided by the nurses, social workers, counselors, home health aides and other staff members. The hospice team will be able to help provide needs such as pain management, counseling and support for family and friends of the individual. The counselor and nursing staff will educate them about what can be expected with their particular situation and make sure they understand all options for care.

The staff will visit the patient daily and will be available 24 hours a day to care for the needs of the person and their family. They do this by helping the patient with personal care needs such as bathing, dressing and medications while also providing emotional support that can help reduce stress for the patient and their loved ones. They also provide support to the family members in order to make sure they are getting what they need from hospice too.


In conclusion the need for hospice in no way means a patient is going to die in a quick manner. The decision of each individual regarding what type of care they desire at the end is what determines the speed with which care is set up. No matter how quick or slow it may be, it will happen when they wish and generally happens when they desire. In order for this to happen quickly, hospice needs to be set up with all necessary paperwork filled out and signed by the patients doctor. This way when the time comes for the transition from life into death, there will be no confusion or problems that could arise from not having all of the needed paperwork filed correctly before it happens.

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