Hospice care in Duarte, CA is a care philosophy focusing on comfort, pain alleviation, and prevention of further suffering for people with a terminal illness. It offers support to the terminally ill and their families in the final months or years of life. Hospice can be delivered at home or in a hospice facility, depending on personal preference. The goal of hospice is not cure but ensuring that the individual living out their remaining days in peace and dignity.

Hospice services in Duarte, CA are provided by a hospice organization until the end of life. When deciding where to receive hospice care, the patient should be made aware that they are choosing to seek out specialized palliative care. Hospice provides a full range of medically assisted therapies, treatments and procedures for terminally ill patients such as pain medications, physical and psychological counseling, and alternative or complementary medicines. This care is provided to the patient and their family members. It is important for a patient to be involved in their care and able to make their own choices about what is best for them.

Patient with family receiving hospice care in Duarte, CA

Some of the benefits of hospice are that it ensures that a patient’s last days are spent with as little pain as possible, and it provides comfort during the final months or years of life. The goal at the end of life is not cure, but to minimize pain and suffering. Many patients in Duarte, CA experience feelings such as anxiety, anger or depression during this time, and this can lead to some of them experiencing undesirable behaviors such as excessive drinking and drug use. The hospice team is available to provide support and care for the patient, which can help them deal with these feelings.

The goal of hospice in Duarte, CA is to reduce suffering from the disease and provide comfort to those affected by it. Hospice care often reduces heart rate, blood pressure and respiration, which may result in a decreased amount of certain medications needed by the terminally ill. The hospice team will also be available to help with drug withdrawal symptoms in patients who are used to taking high amounts of pain medications or sedatives.  They will also look after the psychological aspects of a patient’s care as well as their physical needs. There are many counseling services available for both the patient and their family members.

The primary focus of hospice in Duarte, CA is the comfort, care and support to relieve pain and suffering. Hospice caregivers are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. They will encourage contact among family members during this final stage of life. The team is available to help with issues such as grief, finances, home care and physical needs if needed.  They will also provide companionship and emotional support for patients and their families.

Hospice will provide treatments to ease the pain and symptoms of the disease process. All treatments will be given with the knowledge of and consent from the patient or their family. Hospice in Duarte, CA provides a wide range of services that aim to make dying a more comfortable, less stressful experience for you and your loved ones. The pain and other symptoms associated with terminal illnesses can be eased by medications as well as therapies administered by a hospice nurse or visiting nurse.

Physical therapy is one way to help manage symptoms, such as shortness of breath and respiratory infections that occur in patients receiving hospice care. Physical therapy can help improve range of motion and strength, allow for more movement in the joints and decrease pain associated with the disease. The use of physical therapy may require a visit to the end-of-life care facility for evaluation.

Emotional support can be provided. A hospice chaplain in Duarte, CA visits patients regularly, often during their final days at home or in a palliative care facility. Hospice nurses offer spiritual counseling to terminally ill patients, as well as family members. Spiritual counseling helps patients deal with concerns about death and their relationship with God while they are still living.  Hospice nurses also provide counseling on financial matters as well as home care arrangements if needed.

Nursing care is available to patients and their families. De-stressing, pain management and emotional support are often provided by a hospice nurse. Hospice nurses in Duarte, CA will also assess the patient’s condition, making sure they are receiving the best possible care.  The hospice team may suggest changes in medications or treatments based on the patient and their treatment goals. They can also provide emotional support when needed during this time.

Physical therapy and emotional support are available at end of life care facilities. Physical therapists assess each patient for physical limitations that develop as a result of disease processes such as pain, breathing problems or other symptoms associated with terminal illnesses.  If there are physical limitations present, they will work with patients to help improve their quality of life by increasing their range of movement. Physical therapists also provide supportive care to patients who are in the end-stage of their disease.  A physical therapist will help with support for the patient’s head, body and spine as well as swallowing and respiratory functions when needed.

The patient’s goals for the care they receive are important in the decision-making process. Goals can include: relieving pain or other symptoms, improving quality of life or comfort and providing family members with emotional support.

The majority of hospice care is provided in the home. Hospice caregivers can be a family member, friend or hospice staff member. A home health aide may also make regular visits to the patient’s home.  Some patients will transition to an end-of-life care facility such as a nursing home or hospital if they need a higher level of care, such as pain management. These facilities in Duarte, CA can provide some of the same services that are available in private homes, and they offer a more secure environment and access to equipment, such as feeding tubes and noninvasive ventilation that may be needed by the patient.

For patients in an end-of-life care facility, the hospice team will provide visits from a physical therapist if needed, as well as emotional support for both the patient and their family. When a patient in Duarte, CA is ready to transition into palliative care, a hospice social worker may visit them to discuss needs and determine how long they will require palliative care.  The patient’s discharge tasks help caregivers know what needs to be done in order for the patient’s care to continue following the transition. The services that are required can vary widely based on the patient and their goals for the end of life. Hospice workers will also provide assistance with transitions of power of attorney and other legal needs.