Hospice Valley is the leading hospice service provider in Lake Balboa and surrounding areas. Our award winning staff are highly trained to give emotional, physical, and spiritual support. Hospice Valley has partnerships with all different type of care providers, so you know that you get great quality care with us. We support and try to give better quality of life to our patients. If you want quality hospice care, call Hospice Valley in Lake Balboa. Hospice Valley has build a reputation of reliability throughout California. We take every case seriously. Our staff has trained to take care of your loved one in any circumstance. We offer assistance when you need it, with Hospice Valley we want you to know that you are not alone. Call us now and set up a free home consultation in Lake Balboa, CA.

Hospice and Palliative Care in Lake Balboa

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Our Hospice Care Services

As we help transform lives in Lake Balboa, we are also dedicated in improving your quality of life. Our hospice care services can provide you with skilled nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, social services, and home health aides. Our nurses in Lake Balboa have undergone a thorough medical training from which they have gained all the necessary skills in the medical field. Some of the services they provide are monitoring or vital signs, changing of wound dressing, IV services and managing your diabetes. We also provide therapy sessions for our clients who were injured or to those who need support in strengthening the injured body part. With physical therapy, patients are able to improve their mobility and physical strength. While with a speech therapy, we assist seniors to swallow, speak and breathe better. The occupation therapy handles their daily tasks which include walking, eating and many more. Since they are licensed nurses, we guarantee you of getting the most reliable assistance on all these services.

Hospice Valley Staff

We don’t settle with an easy screening process in hiring our staff. We undergo a strict procedure, which include previous employment check, background check, medical background check, driving record check, TB test, CPR card and many more. We know that quality hospice care begins with having the best competent staff, this is why we do all necessary methods of selection.

Our nurses and caregivers in Lake Balboa are well-trained and experienced in several areas such as assisting you with walking, bathing, dressing, preparing meals, medication reminders, and companionship. We believe that caregivers are expected to handle their patients with boundless reverence and compassion that is why we have selected the best caregivers and nurses to take care of you. Our staff are highly trained, we assure you that they are able to provide any kind of home care. They are dedicated in working in your convenience while giving you with the highest quality care for your comfort.

Our caregivers have a sense of empathy that is why our clients in Lake Balboa are pleased with our services. With a keen sense of connection that they share with their patient, it is not surprising that they recover easily from a surgery or an injury. Our hospice staff has already developed a deep trust among the people they are taking care of. Our first priority is to watch your health and maintain a manageable disposition among our patients.