The primary purpose of hospice care in Pico Rivera is to improve the life of those who may have a terminal illness. Alleviating pain and symptoms through medicine and therapy. Whenever a doctor recommends hospice, it means the patient is expected to live six months or less. The aim is not to treat but improve symptoms and manage pain. Hospice Valley operates in Los Angeles County, Orange County, and Ventura County. Depending on your situation, planning ahead could be a good option. Talk with your family members and doctor to decide if hospice care can be of help. Hospice Valley is qualified and provides a wide variety of services.

Offer High Quality Hospice Care

Cancer, heart failure, stroke, HIV/AIDS, coma, advanced neurologic diseases, dementia and many other terminal diseases are common. This means that patients with these diseases at one time they will need special care during end stages of the disease. During this last phase of life, it is essential to give them the best hospice care to enable them to live dignified lives. The care in Pico Rivera involves medication, therapies as well as counseling that is of great benefit to the patients and their loved ones. When it comes to service delivery, we are always ahead of our competitors. We ensure that we develop great hospice care plans that will benefit the patient. We adjust the plan according to the health conditions of the patients. When coming up with the plan, we get information about patients from their personal doctors as well as relatives. We then come up with a care plan that targets to relieve pain and bring hope to the patient. We have medical equipment in Pico Rivera that we use to monitor the health condition of the patients. This helps us in coming up with the best medication for them. A good hospice care agency should come with an experienced staff to provide unmatched services to their clients. We have distinguished ourselves in having a trained and experienced team which is ready to help terminally ill patients and their loved ones. Our doctors prescribe medication, and nurses watch the patients health and how they react to medications. Our caregivers/HHA make sure that they assist the patient at all times.

Persons who are in the last phase of life need spiritual and emotional support. We have come with staff who can support the patients emotionally and spiritually. We have counselors and spiritual leaders in Pico Rivera, CA who are ready to walk with the patients during this phase. In our end of life care programs, we have sessions for emotional and spiritual support. All our staff work as a team to make sure that patients get the best care.

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Pain Management and Palliative Care

Pain makes life difficult for terminally ill patients in Pico Rivera. Many terminal diseases come with severe pain, and it is a challenge to watch your relative or loved one suffer. When you come to us, we will provide pain management services (Palliative Care) to your loved one at home or in a care facility. Our main aim is to see that the pain is gone and the patient can rest and live well without pain. We have come with medical equipment to help all terminally ill patients in their homes or place of choice. We know that terminal diseases come with complicated symptoms and managing them can be challenging. That is why we have an able team of doctors who provide medical care that targets the symptoms. Our doctors can assess the health condition of the patient. Also, with the help of our advanced equipment, monitoring of the symptoms and health progress of the patients have become easy. Medication for terminally ill people should regularly be reviewed. The main reason for reviewing medication is to ensure that medicine is helping patients. There gets a time that specific medicine doesn’t help the patient. As a result, our doctors review medication regularly to ensure that the patients are taking medications that are helping them. This has enabled us to help many patients in Pico Rivera to live longer and less painful lives during their last phase of life.
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