Hospice care in Temple City, CA is a type of end of life care for people who are terminally ill. The main focus of this type of care is to provide comfort and support for the patient, their family members, and the caregiver so patients can have dignity and peace. Hospice offers a variety of services that can be adjusted depending on individual needs.

In contrast to traditional care that focuses on curative care and not providing comfort, hospice provides comfort through various services and treatments. Hospice can assist with pain management, administering medication, nutrition therapy, spiritual services which may include pastoral counseling or bereavement counseling, family support and home care. Family members in Temple City, CA are given support so they can better understand the patient’s disease process and be effective caregivers. The goal of hospice is to provide comfort for the patient by relieving symptoms and providing emotional support.

Patient with family receiving hospice care in Temple City, CA

Hospice care can be provided as an in-home service or at a facility such as an assisted living or nursing homes. In-home hospice care allows people with a variety of serious illnesses to stay in their own homes instead of a hospital. The patient’s family in Temple City, CA is provided with various services in their own homes. The patient continues to provide food for themselves and care for other family members, but certain medications and treatments will be coordinated by the hospice program. A physician and a nurse provide care, along with other medical staff. Hospice services are not just for patients with cancer; they are also available for patients who have Alzheimer’s Disease, dementia, or other terminal illnesses.

Hospice provided at facilities in Temple City, CA such as nursing homes may be more appropriate for patients who do not have adequate home care. Patients who require intense medical attention and care, such as those who need assistance with eating and drinking, should be placed in a nursing home or assisted living facility. In this setting, hospice services are available for the patient. The goal of hospice is to provide comfort for the patient by relieving symptoms and providing emotional support.

Hospice care takes place at the end of life, which is different from palliative care that is provided throughout the course of a person’s illness. Hospice care in Temple City, CA is provided for people who are expected to have six months or less to live. Palliative care is given to patients with a variety of serious illnesses and can be a choice with curative treatments. Palliative care can include medications that suppress pain, provide relief from nausea, and help manage other symptoms. Palliative care services are not the same as hospice, even though they might be provided by the same provider.

Hospice care provides a wide range of services for patients to maintain their independence, as well as coordinate help for the family. The focus of hospice in Temple City, CA is on making life enjoyable and fulfilling for the patient and their families. The goal is to help the patient and family express their individual needs as they cope with a serious illness.

Before hospice services are requested, the patient must be diagnosed with a disease that is terminal. Hospice can help patients and their families cope with grief throughout the progression of the disease and after death. Patients who have accepted the end of life and have chosen to live out their final days in comfort, may request hospice services.