What is hospice care in West Covina

Hospice care in West Covina, CA is normally prescribed for patients that have undergone treatment and it seems to not be working. The life expectancy of a patient is 6 months or less if the illness runs its normal course. Hospice care in West Covina, CA bring together a team of doctors, counselors, nurses, therapists, home health aides, and volunteers. Everyone is working together to provide physical, emotional, and spiritual support. The medical team in West Covina do normal routine visits throughout the week to make sure pain and symptoms are managed and under control. If something where to happen we have a 24 hour on call Registered Nurse who will guide and assist you. If it’s something you can not manage over the phone, then the nurse goes and visits the patient’s house to assist medically and provide medication. The nurses in West Covina are trained to manage any situation to prevent hospitalization. If medications are needed they are provided to the patient and delivered the same day.

Hospice care in West Covina, CA also provides medical equipment and medical supplies as needed. A few of the medical equipment are Hospital beds, Oxygen, Ventilators, Bi-Pap, C-pap machines, Wheelchairs, Walkers, Crutches, Blood pressure monitors, Hoyer lifts. And some of the medical supplies include Feeding tubes, Gauze, Catheters, Needles & Syringes, and Bedpans. The medical equipment and supplies are new, strong, and durable. If an equipment was to malfunction we would repair it the same day or bring a new one.

The hospice program in West Covina, CA which includes medical staff, medications, medical equipment, and medical supplies is all covered 100% under Medicare. Talk with your family and doctor to see if hospice care may be right for you. Hospice Valley of West Covina can also do a free in home assessment. We work around your time so you let us know when and where you would like the appointment to be.

Why choose Hospice Care in West Covina

Many Americans in West Covina get ill and die in hospitals or skilled nursing homes that are not consistent with their wishes. To make sure this does not happen, the patient should talk with his family regarding their preference. Hospice care is increasingly being chosen as their end of life option. For example if a patient prefers to spend his last days at home with family. Talking over with family member will help later on when making tough decisions. The family has several things to consider including the patients preferred setting for end of life care. Hospice care can be provided at inpatient facilities or outpatient. So why choose hospice? It gives patients the choice to be at home with family in a comfortable environment rather than to live their last days in a hospital setting. The main goal of hospice care in West Covina, CA is to alleviate pain and symptoms through medicine and therapy at any location you call home. Whether that be in a house, assisted living facility, or skilled nursing home.

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Email: info@hospicevalley.com

Why Choose Hospice Valley of West Covina

  • One of the best rated hospice companies. 5 star ratings and reviews.
  • Contracted with multiple facilities and skilled nursing homes. Making it possible for a near inpatient hospice.
  • Our staff has multiple years of experience. We do not hire anyone under 2 years of experience.
  • Physical, emotional, and spiritual support.
  • Rapid response times to any needs.
  • Our care plans are personalized and based on the patients needs and wishes.
  • Pain and symptom control through medication and therapy.
  • 24 hour on call services.

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