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Why Choose Hospice Care

Hospice Nurse Assisting Hospice Patient
Hospice care, the final stage of care for an individual with a terminal diagnosis, is increasingly becoming a popular option for many different people. For those who are looking for more comfortable, home-like surroundings to spend their final days and weeks of life, hospice care may be the best choice. There are many benefits...

Outpatient Hospice Care

Outpatient Hospice Care
Hospice Valley provides outpatient hospice care under a community-based model. The offices in which we operate do not provide treatment or services. We, on the other hand, visit our clients in the comfort of their homes otherwise known as outpatient hospice. With this type of service, the patient remains in familiar, comfortable surroundings, free...

Is Hospice Good Or Bad

Hospice Nurse Assisting Hospice Patient
A person's death is an inevitable universal process that eventually occurs to all living organisms. As we will never live forever, what happens when we reach our final stages of life? At the end of life, people experience different kinds of pain, and they suffer from symptoms that affect their quality of life. Fortunately,...

Is Hospice Care Free

Hospice Care
The question "Is hospice care free?" is frequently asked by patients. In response to that question, the answer is no. The only reason this is not free is the fact that payment is required. There are usually two sources of funding available for hospice care, government or private insurance companies. Among these sources are: MedicareMedical/MedicaidVeterans...

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